Triple your gas mileage- the website the car industry won't shut down!

Lowering your rolling resistance with aquaplaning

What is rolling resistance?

Rolling resistance is the amount of friction between your vehicle and the road. Sometimes this is needed, like when braking, but the car-industry goons would have you believe it's necessary all the time. Rolling resistance is, at it's core, a tradeoff between handling and efficiency, just like gears are a tradeoff between torque and speed. You wouldn't drive with only one gear- much of the time you would be struggling up hills with no force behind you, and the rest of the time you would spend at the redline burning through fuel.

In fact, car manufacturers lobbied against adding gears to cars for this very reason!
This is the reason why americans use automatic transmissions, because they allowed for cars to drive faster, but also allowed the oil industry to keep them as inefficient as if they had the handbrake on.

How does the system work?

With regular tyres, a contact patch is maintained to keep grip on the road- great for some situations, but not always necessary:

This can be useful when accelerating, braking, or going up hills, but otherwise it's useless.

However, with a small water pump modification. hydroplaning can be induced at higher speeds, to reduce friction to zero!

At first, you might find yourself only activating the hydrocruise system only on straight, long, highways. As your skill and confidence improves, and as you learn the art of drifting, you will find yourself hydrocruising up to 90% of the time!
Dont believe it? This demonstation shows the friction going to ZERO in a government test!

(skip to 9:56 if you have been referred to this guide for a drifting tutorial)
Naturally, bp ordered these tapes to be sent to be fired into space aboard the moon misson, to ensure they were never seen again.

Stealing others' engine power with blind-spot tactics

This tip works well for both eurpoeans and americans- you just have to employ different tactics. All you have to remember is:

STICK TO THE SAFE ZONE (marked green)

Doesn't the truck use more fuel- how do I know I'm really sticking it to the oil companies

It is a little known fact that trucks don't run on diesel, but in fact on hatred- so by causing them to burn more fuel, you're making the world a more love-filled place.

Still skeptical? See a seasoned veteran here!

If you watch closely, you'll notice that somebody is unhappy that a superior road user is employing this tactic. This is because they work for the shell corporation.

A simmilar effect can be achieved with a large magnet!